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Exploração florestal

In the Forestry Sector, Gruman presents solutions for the area of forestry where the most diverse equipment are used for tasks so specific, such as cutting, collecting, processing, baling, chipping, loading and transport to the place of industrial processing.



The Sawmill Industry

industria da serração

The sawmill industry has been witnessing a phenomenon of concentration since the smaller sawmills tend to disappear or to aggregate to bigger ones.The statistics indicate that between 1998 and 2005 the number of sawmills has decreased, by keeping however, the volume of sales, which shows the dynamism of this area and its ability to adjust to the changes. In 2009, it contributed about 1,5% of the country´s total exports. The Maritime Pine is the main raw material for the sawmill industry (furniture, fencing, pallets).

In the sawmill industry, Gruman supports the sector with various equipment, such as trailers and forest cranes and also transport vehicles on roads.


Industry of Pulp


The area of Pulp contributes to about 4 000 direct jobs in Portugal, having been its main development towards vertical integration in the sector with the highest production of paper and board, leading to a product value addition. In Spain, this sector represents approximately a total of direct employment of 17,200 jobs; however, there are indirectly related more than 90 thousand people.

The production of bleached pulp is important in the paper industry since it is based in the use of the eucalyptus, which is a species of rapid growth due to the climatic conditions in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Será que quis dizer: Para esta area de atuação,a gruman apresenta essencialmente equipamentos de trituração como os p´re-trituradores, trituradores eestilhadores.

For this area of operation, Gruman presents essentially crushing equipment such as pre-crushers, grinders and chippers. The complete line of chippers allows the complementarity of all tasks and the maximum optimization of the final product.

In this area we have as reference the selling of “Harvesters” e “Forwarders” for a big number of forest contractors which provide the largest business groups in the paper industry. These are companies with a significant impact in the Portuguese and Spanish economy, as well as European and Worldwide leaders in the production of fine paper printing and writing uncoated (UWF).These companies stand out in the industry as the largest European producers, and also the largest in the world, of bleached eucalyptus pulp.


Cork Exploration


The Cork Exploration is an important fraction in the foreign trade of Portugal, with about a third of total exports. The number of companies in this area was of 828 in 2003, generating, at that time, more than 12 thousand jobs. One should note that Portugal is a world leader in the production of cork and cork-derived products industry, being the natural cork stopper its main export product.

Gruman relates to its customers in the sale of cranes and hydraulic traction forest trailers in order to transport the raw material of the piles of cork for individual factories where it is transformed.



Industry of Pelleting


The industry of Pelleting is directly related to the forestry sector, to the collecting biomass sector and to the sawmill industry.

The raw material for the manufacture of wood pellets are made from the processing of waste wood industry, from the sawmills, carpentry and especially the waste from forests, which form the biomass, and also from the forest cuts and thinnings. These materials after being collected, crushed and dried are transformed into powder or sawdust, which is subsequently compressed.

In this context, the pellets represent a good alternative as an energy source, presenting several advantages relatively to fossil fuels.Fuel those who show nowadays a great instability in relation to its price, tending to successive increases.

The Gruman shows in particular the sale of crushing equipment, sieving and some lifting equipment for the treatment of biomass and logs of trees in many timber parks. It has, in this area as client companies the largest pellet manufacturers nationwide.


Industry Clusters and MDF 


The industry clusters is essentially represented by the real estate industry.

This type of industry consists of wood recycling and processing into pellets. It has as its main raw materials the maritime pine and the eucalyptus.

Gruman is present mainly in the first phase of the process, when cutting and the collection is done to the manufacturing units with prepared and well equipped vehicles of Gruman. In addition to this equipment we also develop solutions to the transport and packaging of recycled wood, namely, to the world's largest producers of wood-based panels.



Biomass Collection for Energy Production


The use of forest biomass is used to produce electricity or both for the production of electricity and heat (cogeneration).

The "forest biomass" is mainly a result of forest management activities, such as thinning, delimbing and final cut.

At this time, Gruman is a strong representative of various brands that have all the equipment and means for processing the biomass, from the collecting of raw materials, treatment, processing, transport and storage.

In the Iberian Peninsula we are witnessing a high growth of forest biomass processing activity for local use and for export to other European countries.

We believe that in a not too distant future carbonization and roasting will be used as a means to further boost this sector.




Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Recycling Lines

Gruman presents sophisticated, demanding, and complex solutions for scrap recycling lines, in particular, for those consisting of old cars and white goods. These have increasingly higher percentages of different materials, like iron (70%) plastics (15%), non-ferrous metal (8%), glass and others (7%) by grinding scrap. Later to this process the sorting and separation is done to provide for the recovery of the various materials.

Having regard to the separation of materials, Gruman has as main requirements: the recovery of clean steel with low copper content, the output of non-ferrous metals as well as clean mixed metals (aluminum and copper) and even stainless steel separation without contaminants.

The residue is separated and treated by various processes depending on the different materials and according to the specifications required by recycling industries, especially in terms of purity and dimensions. Then compressed and crushed, metals gain the status of secondary raw material.




In 2011, Gruman successfully installed in Portugal the first line of separation of metals and dismantling of Electronic Waste (WEE's), in the north of the country.






Installation of a line for recycling non ferrous (aluminum).





linha batista avintes



More recently, Gruman installed a line of separation of metals in the north of the country.





Recycling lines of CDR (Fuel Derived from Wast) / RDF (Refused Derived Fuel)

The CDR recycling lines supplied by Gruman use a range of equipment such as pre-shredded, strainers and refiners. This type of line is used for the production of fuel derived from waste (CDR) by processing refuse and industrial waste. Thanks to a specific grinding, classification and homogenization of different waste, this material can be turned into energy fractions that can be used as a substitute of the most common fuels such as oil, gas or coal.

These machines with proven efficiency in the market, and developed using the latest technology leave the finished product according to the requirements of your destination. They are living proof of high productivity, high performance, and robustness.



GRUMAN developed the installation of a CDR Residues Line in a company in the south of the country.






GRUMAN performed the installation of a line of CDR residues, in the south of the country.




sobral pneus



Our company also installed a Tire Recycling Line in the south of the country.



CDR seixal


Gruman has several CDR Recycling Lines installations nationwide.



Biomass Recycling Lines

EDP Biomassa

Biomass has an important role as an alternative fuel to non-renewable fuels and is characterized as being one of the largest endogenous resources that the country has. This environment sector area is directly related to the forestry sector, in particular, with the electricity production area by collecting biomass.

Gruman has, in this area, cranes, trailers, and all sieving and grinding equipment for any material that forms the biomass.
It also has a wide range of shredders that include the pre-crushers, shredders and chippers.

All these mobile or static equipment revolutionized the market for compacting waste.

It also contributes to the sustainability of environmental quality since Gruman has a range of equipment that allows a particle size range of waste depending on the recycling process, and / or degradation to be subsequently applied. The complete line of chippers allows the complementarity of their tasks for maximum optimization of the final product. The sieves are used, in particular, for sieving any type of residue, permitting its separation into two or more fractions.



Nowadays Gruman is a market leader in its field, able to offer a range of complete, innovative and of high quality solutions.

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