Electricity / Industry

For the industrial sector, we present platform lifts provided with a basket for lifting one or two people. Therefore, we wish to perform maintenance services on the lines of the grid at variable heights.

We also have industrial cranes equipped with the conventional hook. These cranes are versatile due to the additional accessories that allow adjusting the cranes to the work to be done. Examples of accessories: Drill bits, pallet trucks, mono-posts and bi-posts baskets. These cranes are ideal to support the construction and maintenance of utility services.

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Zona Industrial do Salgueiro Lote nº 14 . Apartado 166
3534-909 Mangualde - Portugal
Tel. (+351) 232 619 860
Fax (+351) 232 619 869
Administration and Finance
Production and After Sales

Longitude: W 007º 47' 38''
Latitude: N 040º 36' 06''



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